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Residential Roofing
Your home is your most important investment.  At Canon Construction we understand this is the case.  You can rest assured that your home is in good hands with our trained professionals begin to service your roof repair or replacement as if it were our own.
Commercial Roofing
We understand the need for many commercial businesses to have a quality roof repair/replacement to keep business going during all types of weather.  And a damaged roof can really put a damper on things.  Our crews will work quickly and effectively to get you all taken care of. 

"We've Got You Covered."
Roof Repair
Regardless if you are looking to replace a few damaged shingles, or you're looking to get a new roof replacement, our goal is to give you 100% customer satisfaction from beginning to end.  At Canon Construction, roofing repair and replacement is our business.  We have excellent customer service and affordable, competitive pricing.
Storm Division
Do You Need Hail Damage Repair? We Treat Your Home Like It’s Our Own.

Over time, hail and storm damage destroy the roof of your home. Long term hail damage causes the manufacturer warranty on your roof to become void, and it will ultimately cause leaks. This is why insurance companies cover roof replacement as well as other damage caused by storms. We will help to protect your home at Canon Construction, LLC.  But there is a limited amount of time to file a claim, so we urge you to find out if your home as been affected. Our representatives are available to do free home inspections to examine roofs, siding, and gutters. Damage left unrepaired will cause more problems and higher costs down the line. Contact us today!
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About Canon Construction Roofing & Repair

We Are Northeast Ohio's #1 Roofing Company

Canon Construction Roofing and Repair is conveniently located in Stow, Ohio and proudly serving all of Northeast Ohio as your "go-to" professional local roofing providers. 

We've been in business for over 10 years and have served this area with great quality roofing services with the utter most honesty, integrity and quality.  Continue reading more about us.  Check out our testimonials.  And see if we make a good fit for you and your roofing needs.
Why Choose Canon Construction?
1.  Homegrown Right Here in Akron, Ohio – We’ve been locally owned and operated for 10+ years in Akron, Ohio which means we fully understand what it takes to give you a professional Northeast Ohio roofing service. Trust our family owned business to take care of yours!
2.  Professional Is Our Motto – Our company is filled with experience at roofing and roofing repair and therefore you can be sure that whether you need a new roofing installation or a roofing replacement you will be able to trust us.

3.  Safety is Key – Most importantly when it comes down to doing a roof repairing job we make sure to respect everyone’s home or building. We use all safety precautions to ensure a productive working environment.

4.  Affordable Pricing – We offer competitive pricing in the Northeast Ohio area and will help you with your roofing needs for the best pricing.
No job is too big or too small. Call Canon Construction Roofing and Repair Service today for a free, no obligation quote today! We’d be thrilled to serve you! 330-964-2116
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