Storm Damage

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Do You Need Hail Damage Repair? We Treat Your Home Like It’s Our Own.

Over time, hail and storm damage destroy the roof of your home. Long term hail damage causes the manufacturer warranty on your roof to become void, and it will ultimately cause leaks. This is why insurance companies cover roof replacement as well as other damage caused by storms. The good news is that because hail storms are an “act of God,” the insurance companies are not allowed to raise your premiums.

Canon Construction, LLC will help you protect your home. There is a limited amount of time to file a claim, so we urge you to find out if your home as been affected. Our representatives are available to do free home inspections to examine roofs, siding, and gutters. Damage left unrepaired will cause more problems and higher costs down the line. Contact us today!

Replacing Your Hail Damaged Roof

The impact of hail can loosen, fracture or remove granules from your asphalt shingles. The granules protect the asphalt matting of your shingles from sunlight and Ultra Violet Light (U.V.). The asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once exposed to the sun. This is the reason a hail-damaged roof will prematurely fail. This is why insurance companies will pay to replace your roof, siding, or gutters.

Hail damaged roofs may or may not show up immediately as visual damage to the inexperienced observer. Heavy hail damage is obvious because of the indentations in the shingle. When the surface damage of the shingle is not visible, look for indentations on all vents, ridge vents, siding, or any other soft metal objects that may show impact.

The effects of hail damage on the shingle may not be apparent for about a year. But whether you see it immediately or not, the impact of the hailstone has broken or weakened the bond between the granules and the asphalt. After a year or so of weathering, the granules fall off the shingle in the circular area of impact. With granules missing, the sunlight (UV) quickly attacks the asphalt and the performance of the shingle is completely compromised.

The results of a hailstorm will void the shingle manufacturer’s warranty, as they cannot warranty against “acts of God” like hail storms. However, your homeowner’s insurance will usually cover the costs of replacing your roof or other areas of your home affected by hail damage.

Canon Construction, LLC will help you protect your investment by replacing your damaged roof and working with you to file your insurance claim.

Filing a Storm or Hail Damage Insurance Claim?

We handle it all for you, no hassles or obligations. We will come inspect your roof; if there is damage we will work with your insurance company. If there is no damage, there is no obligation. We give free evaluations, so you have nothing to lose. Our company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff provide our customers with quality products and sincere service. Our business carries full liability insurance and complete coverage for workers’ compensation.

The Claim Process: Filing a Property Claim on Your Hail Damaged Home

If your roof, siding or gutters have been damaged in a storm, be sure to place your home in the hands of our qualified professionals. Canon Construction, LLC specializes in handling restoration contracts and working with insurance adjusters to best serve you.

Here’s how it works:

Contact Canon Construction, LLC for a free hail damage inspection

Call 1-855-384-Roof to schedule your FREE inspection and damage assessment with one of our Insurance Restoration Specialist.

If you wish to file a claim due to storm damage, call your insurance agent

Be sure to follow up with your insurance company after contacting your agent. The insurance company will send you a loss summary report.

Project Planning

  • Your Representative reviews the loss summary report to ensure the agreed-upon scope of damages is complete and accurate.
  • You select material and colors.
  • You and your Representative determine a construction date that best suits your schedule.
  • Canon Construction, LLC schedules all work to be completed in a timely and professional manner.

Work in Progress

  • Canon Construction, LLC mails paperwork to you explaining the building process.
  • Materials are delivered.
  • Your Representative oversees the entire process.
  • Upon completion, the work will be surveyed by a production manager to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Reporting and Cost Control

  • Canon Construction, LLC collects payment from you upon completion of work and, as necessary, notifies your insurance company to release any remaining funds.
  • You are responsible only for your deductible and any agreed-upon upgrades.
  • You receive all necessary documentation upon completion of work and receipt of payment in full.